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          Privacy Policy

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          Protection of Personal Information

          Shinohara Electric Co., LTD. (herein after called “the company”) will execute the following action to protect Personal Information in accordance with management plan of the company.

          Terms of Protection of Personal Information

          1. As for Personal Information which provided from the customer through WEB site of the company, the company shall clarify the purpose of its acquirement and use it within the limit which the customer agreed. The company shall pay a full attention about the treatment of Personal Information. The purpose of its acquirement shall be as follows.

            To deliver product to the customer and send a catalogue by post, send E-mail and Fax about the related service, after service and announcement of a new product.
            To deliver information about E-commerce and the related service information.
          2. The company will take necessary measure within a reasonable range to protect Personal Information who visit website of the company.
          3. The company will make effort to protect Personal Information from leakage loss, damage and illegal access by taking adequate safety measurement.
          4. The company will not provide Personal Information to third party except the company acquire the prior consent of the customer. However, we may provide Personal Information for the following case without prior consent of the customer.

            In case of legal compliance
            In case the company face a difficulty to acquire prior consent of the customer for the necessity to protect a human life, human body and property.
            In case the company has to make co-operation to authorities such as organization of country, government and its consignor to meet legal compliance and if prior consent of the customer obstruct the execution of operation of such organization.

          The company will observe the law and rules related to protection of Personal Information and review the policy regularly and try to improve.